Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rock Texture

In this session at my studio I concentrated on the rock value and texture. I added highlights as well as dark values. I wanted the dark values on the bottom of the rock to be similar to the dark values in the figure's hair. My aim is to lead the eye from the rock to the figure. I tried to simplify the values, but add complexity to the rock shapes and texture. So I incorporated many more small rock shapes.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drawing Six Highlights Continued

After the initial blocking of the highlight, I began to erase and blend. I shaped the highlight areas and subtracted white charcoal from some of the edges. Then I used a blending stump to blend the white charcoal into the gray paper. I am happy with the highlight areas on the legs, not so much with the back. I will have to work on that area further. Maybe more shadows are needed in the back. We'll see.

Back in the Studio Again

I am back in the studio again! Between final exams, portfolio review, and then the start of the new quarter I did'ot get to my studio very much. That's life! I have started working on this standing figure putting in the highlights. This image shows the first step where I blocked in the large shapes. I have done very little blending at this point. Also, the highlights are extending into some areas where I do not want them.