Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rocky Mountian Landscape

Here is the painting after another session. The photo is too yellow, so everything looks warmer here than in the real painting. I have added the shadows to the cabin, worked on the green hills, added a lot of the grass and sage to the foreground. The fence has another layer now. I changed the open door quite a bit from the photo adding three windows which will be green in the end. I think this will add depth to the cabin.

The Rockie's

I am taking a break from the figure drawing for a while to work on a few other projects. This is a commission for my friend Bill Mess and his daughter. This is a log cabin church in the Grand Teton mountains. What a spectacular place. This is about 20 layers, so just the beginning of a watercolor painting. I have laid in the underlying colors for all areas of the paintings. The sky, far mountains, and green hills are almost complete. The church and foreground flowers are in the very early stages. The fence has only one layer of paint. More painting tomorrow!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Large Scale Paintings Together at Last

It took a while, but I finally got good photos of these three paintings. They are all so large that I do not have room to hang them in my studio. They are all completed on 300 lb paper, in acrylic paint, from live models, during one or two day sittings, using a ladder to reach the entire paper.

Nine Foot Painting

This painting is on display now at the Art Institute of Charlotte Gallery. It is the second painting I completed at Arrowmont this summer. I differentiated the figures by making the foreground figure very colorful and removing almost all color from the background figure. The background figure looks like a cadaver as a result. Thus the title: Cadaver. There are some perspective problems with this painting, but a good start for the week.

Highlights Continue!

I have continued to add highlights to this drawing. I added a great deal more white to the foreground arm, leg and foot. At first I added too little, so I have changed that. I put a very small dot of light on her cheek. I don't know if I like that or not. I will live with it for a while. I erased all the highlights I had placed on the rock and re-did them. Now the highlight shapes are larger.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rock Star

This painting is titled Rock Star because of the attitude of the model. He had the best sneer! This is the same model I used for the painting Insolent Boy that is features in an earlier blog. This painting is on paper and is 9 feet tall. I used acrylic paint, a very large brush, and a ladder to complete it. I painting on it for about 8 hours to finish it. The model posed the entire time with lots of breaks. He was great!

Started the Highlights on Drawing 5

I have completed two sketches of the series with highlights in charcoal. So, now I am beginning to readdress the six drawings in the weight series and add the highlights. I started with drawing 5. The arm is looking good, leg not so much. I am very unhappy with the rock so far. I think I need larger shapes. So more work to do on this one. Happy new year!